Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NEW!: Once Upon a Time 1:16 - Heart of Darkness

Overall: 8.5

This one is bolstered by a strong theme.

Plot Synopsis:

The official site has a recap here.

The Skinny:

What if someone had killed Hitler in the 1930's? Would the world have been better off? I think yes. For one thing, millions of Jews and about as many Pollacks would've been saved. But, of course, the result of a decision is not the only thing that determines its morality. Your reasons and methods also matter. Jesus, as you may recall, had no use for the prayers and alms-giving of the Pharisees because their actions did not match their internal dispositions. Their religiosity was not an expression of their sincere love for God; rather, it was a way to show off.

If someone had murdered Hitler before the outbreak of World War II, I think very few people would've shed tears over it -- and the same goes for the queen in this series. If Snow had successfully shot that arrow through the queen's heart, the fairy tale world would almost certainly have rejoiced -- but what would've happened to Snow in the meantime? Heart of Darkness advances the message that killing someone to satisfy vengeance - even someone as undeniably evil as the queen - is a soul-shattering act. And is this particular message correct? On the fundamentals, yes. If Snow had pulled off her assassination plan, her world would've been spared a future curse -- but she obviously wasn't thinking about that. What drove Snow to the bow was pure selfishness -- and that selfishness would've destroyed her had it been fully indulged.

This episode, I think, was very good, but I am confused about one thing: Why does Emma believe she needs to find more evidence that Mary Margaret has been framed? Wouldn't the fact that the mayor owns a key-chain that opens every door in town be sufficient to establish reasonable doubt? Why not bring the jury over to Mary Margaret's for a little demonstration? Seems a bit convenient for Emma not to use that -- like the writers just want to drag out the drama for as long as possible regardless of whether doing so makes sense.

Writing: 8.5

'Tis an interesting script even with the apparent plot hole noted above. I particularly like how the writers use flashbacks to Prince Charming's fairy tale life to inspire David's suspicions. That was pretty painful.

Acting: 8.0

The performances were solid, but not spectacular.

Message: 9.0

We don't approve of revenge here at Right Fans, so the episode gets an A- here.

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