Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pardon the Interruption: House 8:14 - Love Is Blind

Overall: 6.8

This one wasn't too bad -- but it wasn't that great either.

Plot Synopsis:

The official recap can be found here.

The Skinny:

I'll be honest: I was hoping House's mother did have terminal cancer and found the truth - i.e., that she was sleeping with House's-Biological-Father-Who-Turned-Out-Not-To-Be-His-Father-Afterall - to be something of a let-down. I guess that just goes to show how starved I am for some sort of emotional connection with this show. Standard "House Being House" stories are no longer cutting it for me. The occasional chuckle is fine, but eventually, I need something deeper -- especially since we are drawing so close to the end of the series.

Also: Park's acid trip was ridiculous. Not that I've ever tried it, but I'm pretty sure that LSD-induced hallucinations don't work like that at all. Actually, I think the production team did a better job depicting the effects of LSD when House popped it as part of his migraine cure back in the second season (in an episode that I rather liked for reasons unknown).

In the end, I think this episode's strongest feature was the Patient of the Week. He actually felt genuine to me. To bad he wants to marry an idiot. Seriously, girls: Going on a "break" to "make sure" that your boyfriend wants to spend the rest of his life with you is an insane idea. Picking a mate is not like test-driving a car.

Writing: 7.0

This script is aggressively mediocre for the most part, though its grade is boosted a bit by the writing for the POTW.

Acting: 7.5

A good guest performance from Michael B. Jordan pushes this mark into "solid" territory.

Message: 6.0

The episode is pretty thematically empty, so I will go with the average score here.

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